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By | May 9, 2017

PLRS Land Records Punjab: Online Check :

Punjab Land Records Area

The Govt. of Punjab has adopted the latest technology of IT that is computer technology for the taking of online records of the land of the punjab. All the information related to land is uploaded on the internet to give the information as whole. People can visit the official website of the govt. to check the land records or owners detail.The website has 51 million records of 10367 villages of all the district of punjab. There are records of Jamabandi, Mutation, Roznamacha and Mutation after registration the Khasra and Khatauni of the lands. These records can be checked online by simple checking the website Fard Punjab Land Record Online

Now a question is arises that what is PLRS and Fard Kendra?

PLRS means Punjab Land Records Society.It is established under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860 by the Government of Punjab. Head Office of this society is located in Kapurthala Road ,Jalandar city,Punjab, India.

And the meaning of Fard Kendra is facility for the peoples to get the there land records of punjab state. There are 137 tehsil and sub tehsils where Fard Kendar has opened.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Land Record Punjab PLRS

Procedure of checking Land Record Online

– Firstly visit the Official Website
– Click on fard button
– Now select the language which you can understands
– Noe select the district /tehsil/village
– Now a page has opened with four options(Jamabandi, Mutation, Roznamacha and Mutation after Registration)
– Now click on Jamabandi this option also has 4 options criteria
1. owners name wise
2. Khewat no. wise
3. Khasra no. wise
4. Khatoni no. wise

Here the second option is Mutation
1. Click on mutation button to generate Mutation Report
2. Now select your mutation no. and click on view report

Third option is Roznamcha
1.For checking details of Roznamcha
2.One can check the roznamcha by rapat no. wise

Forth option is Mutation after Registration on Mutation after Registration button to check the Mutation details
2.mutation details can check by three options
* By Vaseeka Number
* By Mutation Request Number
* By Transaction Number

Click Here To Visit The Official Website

Punjab Fard Land Record Online

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