Gujarat Land Records

AnyRoR Land Records : Online Status : Gujarat Land Records The Gujarat state has adopted a new technology for the benefit of Gujarat state people to check online land records. The name of this software is AnyRoR. This software is designed by the National Informatics center (NIC) in Association with revenue department of Gujarat.… Read More »

Bhuiyan Chhattisgarh Land Records-

Chhattisgarh Land Records Online : Bhuiyan Chhattisgarh Land Records Before some years Chhattisgarh is the part of Madhya Pradesh state. On 1st Nov. 2000 it became the different state. It is one of the most developing state in India since 2000. Chhattisgarh state is famous for the Rice Crop. It is also produced steel… Read More »

Bhulekh Bihar Land Records

Bhulekh Bihar Land Records : Online Status : Bihar Land Records The govt. of Bihar state has digitizing the Keeping of Land Records of the state. There is a program of keeping online land record. This program is developed by NIC (National Informatics Center) under Bihar revenue and land reforms department. In starting the… Read More »

Haryana Land Records

Jamabandi Land Records : Haryana : Online Check: Haryana Land Records Like the other states of India , Haryana sate has also started the online keeping land records for the people of the haryana state. People of haryana can get the Land records form the Haryana Land Record Information System (HLRIS). This system is… Read More »

Karnataka Bhoomi Land Records RTC

RTC Land Records Karnataka Bhoomi : Online check : RTC Karnataka Land Records Like the other states of India , Karnataka state has also started providing online land records to the people of The Karnataka state.This project is known as Bhoomi in the state. It is developed by the NIC( National Informatics Center) Bangalore.… Read More »

MP Land Records Bhuabhilekh

Madhya Pradesh Land Records : Online Status : Bhuabhilekh MP Online Land Records Madhya Pradesh state has started a new program for the purpose of keeping online land records of the state which is known as Bhuabhilekh in the state. All the work related to land record are done through the Bhuabhilekh. This program… Read More »

Mee Bhoomi Andhra Pradesh Land Records

AP Land Records: Online Check : AP Online Land Records Meebhoomi is the website of the Lands Records of the Andhra Pradesh. It is designed by the NIC( National Informatics center) to check the online records of the Land in the state. It is launched in June 2015. Peoples can check the Land details… Read More »

Bhulekh Orissa Land Records

Bhulekh :Orissa Land Records : Online Check Online Land Records Orissa It is the result of the hard work of Orissa state that the citizens of orissa can get Online land records. They have to face lots of problem while getting the record from the land record office of the state.But now they can… Read More »