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By | August 19, 2016

Land Records India : Check Online Land Records : Different States Land Records 

Land Records India

The Government of India has recently started a new program for keeping the record of the land in the country. This program is made with the help of the National Informatics Center (NIC).The program provides the people online land records of the country land. This is very helpful for the citizens of the country. This project is started by the Director of Land Records and Settlement Commission of India.Now all the information related to land is uploaded on the internet to give the information as whole. People can visit the official website of the govt. to check the land records or owner’s detail. People can also check the Map of the land. Now the people does not have to go the land records Department for getting the land record. They can search the record at any cyber cafe and if they have smartphones then they can search on there phone about the land Records.

Land Record Websites According to the Different States

The citizens of India can check the Land records of their land according to the state wise. Here we are providing the every state Land record at our website. One can check the land records of their land with the help of the following websites :

Sr. No. Name of the State Website to Check Land Records
 01  Uttar Pradesh  Bhulekh UP Land Records Online Land Portal
 02  Punjab  PLRS Fard Punjab Land Records
 03  TamilNadu  Tamilnadu Land Records Online Patta Chitta
 04  Rajasthan  Rajasthan Land Records -Apnakhata
 05  Uttarakhand  Uttarakhand Dev Bhoomi Land Records
 06  West Bengal  West Bengal Land Records Banglarbhumi
 07  Talengana  Maa Bhoomi Telangana Landrecords
 08  Jharkhand  Jharkhand Land Records Vasudha /
 09  Gujarat  Gujarat Land Records
 10  Chhattisgarh  Bhuiyan Chhattisgarh Land Records-
 11  Bihar  Bhulekh Bihar Land Records
 12  Haryana  Haryana Land Records
 13  Karnataka  Karnataka Bhoomi Land Records RTC
 14  Madhya Pradesh  MP Land Records Bhuabhilekh
 15  Maharashtra  Maharashtra Land Records Online
 16  Andhra Pradesh  Mee Bhoomi Andhra Pradesh Land Records
 17  Orissa  Bhulekh Orissa Land Records
 18  Jammu & Kashmir  _
 19  Himachal Pradesh  _
 20  Kerala  _
 21  Goa  _
 22  Manipur  _
 23  Tripura  _
 24  Mizoram  _
 25  Arunachal Pradesh  _
 26  Sikkim  _
 27  Nagaland  _
 28  Meghalaya  _
 29  Assam  _

How to Check Online Land Records

  • First visit the official website of the State for checking the online land record
  • Now press the apnakhata button
  • Now select the District/ town
  • After selecting the district select the tehsil
  • Now select the village
  • Now you can see the authorized page for nakal
  • Now search the nakal by khata or khasra or name
  • After entering all the required details click on the submit button.
  • Also take print of the Records for further use

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