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By | January 23, 2017

Telangana Land Records : MaaBhoomi : Online Status:

Land Records Telengana Online

The Govt. of Telengana state made an application of Online land record system with the help of NIC (National Informatics Centre) Hyderabad for the welfare of the society. People can check these land records at the official website of the land record department. It is very simple in use any one can check it.Maa Bhoomi Telangana Land Records

If you are a smartphone user then you can check land records at your phone also with the help of application provided by the govt.You can check the owner details and plot information and plot maps also. People are free to search the records of land at any time and at anywhere. There is also the solution of all the problems regarding the land.

Check Online MaaBhoomi Records

Details/Facilities under the website

Your pahani ,Village pahani,Your ROR1-B ,Grama ROR1-B ,Linking Aadhaar ,Tippan,Register complaints,Complaint Status and many more.Telangana Land Records Online Procedure of Checking Pahani on Maa Bhoomi Telangana site

-Visit the official website of the land records of Telengana
-Open the menu bar and click on the ‘Our Pahani’ link
-Search the Pahani with your Aadhar no./ Account no. / Survey no.
-Now select the district name or jone name and village name
-Now enter survey no.
-Click the submit button

Check 1B Record on Maa Bhoomi site
Follow the same steps as followed in the procedure of checking pahani and you have to Click on the “Our ROR1-B’ link under ‘1B’ on the menu bar.

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